Luxury Hotels in Egypt



This page shows some of the top end hotels and resorts in Egypt.  These can be used in standard tours at extra cost.  They represent some of the finest luxury properties in the world and are still excellent value by comparison with international standards.

Google Earth location of Luxury Cairo Hotels and principle sites



Mena House Oberoi - Giza - Cairo

Mena House, with its sumptuous gardens and view of the Pyramids is the best known hotel in Cairo with former guests including Winston Churchill.  The 13 Suites, 21 of the Palace Rooms and 140 Garden Rooms have a view of the Pyramids.   Mena House also offers a pool, gym and its own private golf course at the steps of the hotel. The hotel offers an excellent Indian Restaurant and Continental restaurant as well as a bar that offers lighter fare.There is a discotheque and nightclub on the premises.

Four Seasons Nile Plaza - Cairo

Located on the East Bank of the Nile, near the Egyptian Museum, the Khan al Khali Bazaar and the Citadel.  This hotel offers splendid views over the Nile. 



Four Seasons First Residence - Giza - Cairo

Set on the West Bank of the Nile, near Cairo University and the Zoo. This is a sumptuous hotel with large rooms and views to the pyramids.

Old Cateract Hotel - Aswan 

Perhaps Egypt's most famous old hotel with a romantic perch atop granite cliffs overlooking the Nile,  Elphantine Island and the felucca traffic on the river. It takes its name from the rivers First Cataract (rapids) at the traditional northern border of Nubia. It was rebuilt Thomas Cook, the grand tour manager of Egypt. Renovated in 1994 it remains one of the finest hotels in Egypt.

Google Earth location of the Old Cataract Hotel



Winter Palace Hotel Luxor

The great Egyptologist Howard Carter was staying at this hotel when he discovered Tut's treasures. The hotel was built in 1886 with a Victorian charm to attract the nobility of Europe with English in atmosphere. Guests have included European President’s and Oriental Royalty.  The 1866 Restaurant is one of the best in Egypt.

Google Earth location of the Old Winter Palace Hotel.


Four Seasons - Alexandria

While .  Bibliotheca Alexandria, Catacombs of Shouqafa, Fort Qaitbay, Montazah Palace and Gardens,Pompey's Pillar, Roman Amphitheatre, Stanly Bridge, Alexandria National Museum, and the Graeco-Roman Museum.

Four Seasons - Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is an internationally famous resort on the Red Sea on the Sinai peninsula offering fabulous  diving. Day trips are possible into the Sinai including a climb to view sunrise from Mt. Sinai and a visit to St. Catherines monestary.

The luxurious guest rooms are clustered like a hillside village above the shimmering drama of the Red Sea. The resort offers superb dining, spa, fitness, diving and sports.


Google Earth location of Four Seasons Sharm el Sheikh.


Oberoi  Sahl Hasheesh - Hurghada

A member of the luxurious and uniquely designed Oberoi Hotels this hotel is superbly located on 48 acres of palm-filled resort is grounds with 850 metres of private sandy beach. Shady marble colonnades, domed pavilions, atriums open to the sky – the elegance of the traditionally inspired contemporary Arabic architecture are a perfect complement to the setting.

All 63 Deluxe Suites and 21 Superior Deluxe Suites are spacious and elegantly appointed and have luxurious bathrooms with separate shower stalls. Their sunken marble baths overlook a private open-air walled garden. In addition, there are 12 larger Grand Suites have their own private swimming pool, heated in the cooler months.



Google Earth location of Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh.


Adrere Amellal - Siwa Oasis - Western Desert

This exquisite eco lodge was built at the foot of Adrère Amellal (White Mountain) overlooking Lake Siwa.  The 39 rooms each have  an open view of Siwa Lake and the Great Sand Sea. The lodge is built in traditional Siwan style out of Kershef, a mixture of sun dried salt rock mixed with straw. Furniture and fixtures are made of palm trunks and fronds, while carpentry and accessories display the rich and colorful variety of the region's indigenous handicraft. Candles and torches are used for lighting, and in winter coal-filled braziers are used for heating. A stone-built swimming pool is fed by a natural spring.

The lodge offers an exquisite cuisine that includes traditional dishes cooked in honey-glazed clay pots. All herbs and vegetables are handpicked daily from our organic garden.

Other special features include ancient olive and palm groves, and slow-bubbling Roman springs  The premises are telephone and electricity free. Further information: Adrere Amellal Oasis and sustainable development and Adrere Amellal Lodge.


Google Earth location of Adrere Amellal and Siwa.


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