Traditionally a successful safari was about adventure - days spent on "Africa Time" where the only clock was the rising and setting of the sun and staccato grunt of a lion, where you slip into the experience of intimately exploring a beautiful environment and viewing the animals that lived there, looking forward to a drink at sundown overlooking a beautiful scene, the return to a comfortable camp, a good meal, and an evening of tales and engaging conversation around a campfire, before heading off to a sound sleep that ends at first light.

The last decade, however, has seen the rise of safari camps owned and operated by large hotel chains, with emphasis on building architecture, luxury hotel service and spas.  While these are fabulous operations, where you will be very comfortable and well guided, you can miss the experience of Africa while being in the midst of it.

Fortunately a few independent operators remain  who maintain or have chosen to return to the old style of African safari - comfortable, for sure, but with an emphasis on the connection with nature, where what matters is not how much you experience but how well you lose yourself in the experience.

These include:

  • Uncharted Africa in the Makgadikgadi Pans and mobile safaris in the Kalahari and Moremi National Parks

  • Lekula Camp in the remote South of Selous.

  • The Bushcamp Company - intimate but comfortable bush camps on  the Luangwa River

  • Mwagusi Camp - the original private safari camp in Ruaha National Park and operated by  operated by Chris Fox who was born and raised in the region.

  • Privately guided overland safaris in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa by Steve Bolnick one of the old Zimbabwe guides legendary for training, experience and rigorous qualifications.

  • Selinda Camp and Zarafa Camp in the Selinda Reserve

  • Ride Africa - Horseback safaris at Richard Bonham's Ol Donyo Wuas




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