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Nomad Tanzania combines Tanzania's best remote tented camps,  world - renown  guides, and  exclusive safari opportunities throughout Tanzania.
  • Safari guides are among the best known and most famous in Africa:  Richard Bonham, Mark Houldsworth, Roland Purcell, Alex Hunter, Mike Pelham, Richard Knocker and Mkombe Mniko.
  • Tankanyika Flying Company - providing charter flights throughout Tanzania to support exclusive safaris throughout Tanzania.
  • Operations and lodges are further described below:

Beast Retreat  - Katavi / Mahale

Northern Tanzania

SERENGETI SAFARI CAMP - The Serengeti Safari Camp ‘moves’ according  to the season and the path of the migration.  Accommodation for a maximum of 8 is  provided in traditional luxury tents, each with verandah and en-suite facilities.  Meals are served al fresco or in the large mess tent.  Each set of clients has their own private guide and vehicle at their disposal  for the duration of their
stay. The camp is sited in an area that has the greatest concentration of game or good access to that game at the time of the safari with every possible comfort in the depths of the African bush. The choice of area is dependent on weather patterns, with the resultant game movements, all of which can vary in the Serengeti from one year to the next.  The flexibility of this camp gives guests the best possible opportunities for game-viewing probably in Africa as a whole.



Nduara Loliondo Safari Camp was designed to celebrate Nomadic cultures around the world: the Mongolian Gers and the Maasai boma. The outcome of  is the most amazing camp you will ever see.

Nduara Loliondo operates within the Maasai concession area on the eastern periphery of the Serengeti National Park. Whilst the landscape and game is stunning, there is an emphasis on cultural interaction with the Maasai.

Here, outside the park boundary you have the opportunity to do walking safaris and night-drives. On foot this amazing landscape offers a completely different viewpoint. The Loliondo Safari Camps moves seasonally as weather and game conditions dictate. A safari linking Loliondo Safari Camp and Serengeti Safari Camp offers the ultimate Serengeti experience.

Charlie Camp

now offered at $450 per person per night RACK, with a 5 night/6 day package at $1,800 pp [3 nights Serengeti  + 2 nights Masaai concession]

Charlie Camp is a mobile safari camp in the Serengeti set in the Ndutu region during the green season and the North of Serengeti during the dry season to follow the migration.  

The camp   sites are chosen for their beauty and remoteness.   The ‘Meru’ sleeping tents are completely enclosed and contain full size metal beds, complete with high density mattresses and the  finest bed linen, dressing tables, a safari  wardrobe, luggage racks and safari chairs. At  the back is an en-suite bathroom with long-drop loo and bucket shower.  At the front of each tent there is a large verandah with a   table and two traditional safari chairs. There is a large ‘mess tent’, as well as a fully-stocked complimentary bar and  small library of African books.  The cuisine is of the highest standard with innovative menus using fresh fruit and vegetables on fine china and glassware, with bush breakfasts and picnics adding variety. Romantic sundowners lead to candlelit dinners served under the stars or in the dining tent, accompanied by fine South African and European wines and liqueurs.


Day 1 fly Arusha to Seronera, pick up by NT car and guide.
3 nights Serengeti National Park north of Seronera; This area and towards Lobo is great for cats, as well as loads of plains game. It has big kopjes and rolling parklands. The higher areas give you a fantastic view out over the
Serengeti. A good network of game drive tracks taking you into the heart of the area.

Day 4 – pack up camp and head north. 2 nights Ololosokwan – Nomad partners with the Maasai community in this area (the nearby village benefits from our conservation fees. This is a great area for walking, with some beautiful ridge areas to  explore and the chance to see some unusual animals such as the mountain reedbuck.

Day 6 – flight Kleins – Arusha (or alternate onward

Day 1 fly Arusha to Ndutu region, pick up by NT car and guide. 3 nights Ngorongoro Conservation Area around the Ndutu region; The rains bring the vast herds of Wildebeest and Zebra to he short grass plains of the
area. The Ndutu woodland provides cover for
elephant and predators lazily watch out over the plains for their regular meals of the day.

Day 4 – pack up camp and head north.
2 nights Piaya – Here too, as in the north of Loliondo, Nomad partners with the Maasai community in this area (the nearby village benefits from Nomad’s conservation fees. This is a great area for walking, with some beautiful ridge areas to explore and the
chance to see some unusual animals such as the mountain reedbuck.

Day 6 – flight Ndutu – Arusha (or alternate onward destination).

Southern Tanzania - Selous National Park  The 45,000 square kilometre Selous  Reserve in  Southern Tanzania  covers five percent of that country's land surface. It is the largest watered game reserve in  Africa ; it is home to more elephant (57,000); more hippo (40,000); more African wild hunting dogs (1,300); more Cape buffalo (110,000) and more crocodiles than any other park on the continent. With access limited to small airplane service from  Dar es Salaam, and with virtually no improvements, it is utterly wild. The entire reserve sees maybe 5,000 tourists a year, and it is as close to old Africa as you'll find anywhere on the continent.  Safari opportunities include:
  • Sand Rivers Selous -  One of Africa's most famous lodges, built in 1994, the lodge's 8 stone and thatch cottages hold stunning views of the Rufiji River, and lonely game drives in this untraveled wilderness are done by open vehicle, boat and foot--indeed, the freedom of the wilderness is the rule here, and a client's imagination about the only limitation.
  • Nomad Selous Walks - Adventurous Walking Safaris, offering one of the most authentic wilderness experiences in Africa. A 5 night itinerary that takes in the wonderfully diverse ecosystems of thick riverine forests, woodlands, gorges, open grasslands, lakes, hot springs and meandering sand rivers. Superb guiding and maximum of 6 people per walk. Scheduled departures start every Monday. Private departures can be arranged. June to October.
  • Kiba Point - a new eight bedded camp that is to private books available on an exclusive basis with private guides, vehicles and boats.

Western Tanzania 
  • Greystoke at Mahale Mountains National Park, also known as Mahale Mountain Tented Camp or Roland's Camp,  is one of Africa's  most exclusive small camps in  Africa  lies on the shores of Lake Tanganyika , and is reached by small airplane.  The camp holds 10 and is located on a white-sand beach, the rival of any in the Caribbean on the edge of 80-degree, drinkably pure water. Behind camp, in the lush forests of the Mahale Mountains, reside the largest concentration of eastern chimpanzee in the world--one troupe has over 80 members. Purcell also operates a small permanent camp in Katavi National Park, an as-yet undiscovered wilderness, awash in plains game and elephant, just over the Mahale Mountains. Access to Mahale and Katavi is only by air, but Nomad Safaris (see above) runs its own airline—Tanganyika Flying Company—which, through its Cessna 206’s—offers regular service between Mahale or Katavi, and Arusha, on Mondays and Thursdays.In 2003 (2004 rates will be available soon),
  • Chada at Katavi - also known as Zoe's Camp - an exclusive experience in what is arguably Africa's most remote and least visited national park



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