National Park


Ruaha National Park cover 10,300 square kilometres in the south-west of the country, with dramatic landscapes from its setting in the Great Rift Valley. Because it is remote, there are a small number of visitors every year, though it is conveniently reached by scheduled flights and top end safari operators assure you of comfortable accommodations.

Ruaha covers a unique transition zone- a meeting of Eastern and Southern African species of Flora and Fauna. In addition to plains game, and predators, including elusive wild dogs, sightings of the rarer antelopes such as Sable and Roan, as well as greater and Lesser Kudu occur. Birding Birding in Ruaha is unparalleled, with some 530 species recorded.

June to October: Dry and warm days with temperatures cooling down considerably at night. Vegetation becomes sparser and animals are drawn to dwindling water sources.

November – mid March: Hotter and greener. Nights still cool. This is the season for bird and plant lovers and is the main reproductive time of year so a good time for seeing young. There’s a chance of rain, flowers are in abundance and deciduous