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South Luangwa National Park is bordered to the east by the Luangwa River and its  western boundary is formed by the Muchinga escarpment.  The Luangwa Valley marks the end of the Great Rift Valley covering an area of over 9000 sq. km. 

Home to over 50 species of mammals and 400 species of birds it is one of Africa's most unspoiled parks Luangwa is one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world.

The only notable exception is the rhino, sadly poached to extinction.  Luangwa is well-known for its predators, with  plentiful lion roaming in prides of up to thirty.  South Luangwa has a good population of the always elusive leopard, but skilled game trackers  often reward visitors with a leopard kill at night.  In fact, Luangwa is one of few national parks in Africa that allow night game-viewing.

With spot lights  you may see rarer animals such as civet cats, honey,  genets, serval cats, hyenas, and bushbabies as well as owls, nightjars, the foraging hippos, honey badgers and lion. Of the other carnivores present but not often seen is the caracal, wild dog, serval and side striped jackal. The now famous ‘walking safari’ originated in this park and is still one of the finest ways to experience this pristine wilderness first hand. The changing seasons add to the Park’s richness ranging from dry, bare bushveld in the winter to a lush green wonderland in the summer months.


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