Deception Valley Lodge - Safari  Camp in the Central Kalahari
Deception Valley Lodge, 120 km South of Maun and adjoining the Central Kalahari Reserves offers a safari opportunity to experience the unique desert fauna and flora of this area of sharp contrasts.  Most safaris to Botswana do not take you to the desert, and a few days added to Deception Valley will greatly increase your appreciation of this area.

Deception Valley was made famous by Mark and Delia Owens' book Cry of the Kalahari


The Main Lodge
You will experience magnificent sunrises, flaming sunsets, and crystal clear night skies. 
Game drives and hikes will introduce you to the unique features of the Kalahari ecology.

Wildlife in the Central Kalahari includes gemsbok, kudu, springbok, brown hyena, kit fox, and the feline predators.

Birdlife is prolific with over 900 species from vultures and the kori bustard to brilliantly colored finches.

The Central Kalahari is an area of delicate balance and stark contrasts. 

Central Kalahari village


Zebra migration

Respite from the Kalahari

Accommodation at Deception Valley Lodge is in five twin units with private lounge and luxurious Victorian style  bathroom.

Rates include meals, accommodations, game drives and drinks

A few days stay are easily added to a safari that begins or ends in Maun.

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