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North Island Lodge was designed by architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, a husband-and-wife team from South Africa, whose portfolio includes Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania,  Jao Camp and Makalali Lodge at Kruger National Park. Although conceived and executed with an aim towards casual, but refined luxury, the intent of the North Island project is wildlife restoration.   

North Island, one of the inner granitic islands of the Seychelles archipelago,  is located approximately 32 km northwest of the main island, Mahé and five km north of its nearest neighbour Silhouette. The island is about 2.5 km long by 1 km wide. There are three main beaches on the island and  at any time one of these beaches will be sheltered from the prevailing winds. . These outcrops drop straight into the sea but are bordered with giant boulders at their inland bases. Between the three granitic outcrops that dominate the island lie three areas of flat coastal plains or plateau. Run off from the granitic outcrops has resulted in two freshwater lakes being formed in the middle of the Island. During the wet season the water table in certain areas rises to ground level or above.

The North Island project seeks to restore the natural habitat of the island after its commercial exploitation dating from 1826 when the Island as granted as a concession to Madam Marie Josephine Celerine Beaufond, a descendant of French settlers from Reunion.  Since then the island had been used as a plantation for growing fruits and spices, mining Guano, fish oil and finally producing copra – the oil pressed from the flesh of a coconut.  Aromatic plants grown on the Island,  would have been distilled into the essential oils and it is believed that building now used as a museum  was once the distillery, built before the turn of the century at the time when that industry was flourishing in the Seychelles.  Even though North Island was planted predominantly with coconut, it remained more fertile than most islands, and was Mahé’s chief supplier for fresh farm produce.  In the 1970's the island fell into an overgrown state, the farm buildings quickly rotting to the core in this steaming climate and the domestic animals running wild. The coconuts were left to take over the Island, dropping their nuts continually, a new burgeoning canopy rising up every few years. The lantana - an invasive alien weed - blanketed the plateau and crowded any clearings left open by the coconuts. Thriving on the uncollected fallen coconuts, the rat population also ran amok, the feral cats shortly on their trail.

The programme for the rehabilitation of North Island is to create a marine reserve that will help to protect Seychelles' coral resources and provide damaged corals with a protected area in which to regenerate. There are extensive coral reefs around the Island of which certain species are on the CITES endangered list.  Examples of bleached coral can be seen off the shallower sections on the western shores of North Island. However, the corals in the deeper waters remain healthy and are home to a huge variety of marine life. 

Protection of the island's water resources through the removal of alien vegetation is a critical part of the rehabilitation process, and culvitaviting and replanting native plant species is a major part of the project.


Accommodation is in 11 spacious guest villas handcrafted from wood, local stone and glass, with thatched roofs.

Each villa has over 450 sq meters of private space with two bedrooms, a main bedroom and a second bedroom which may be used for children nineteen years and younger at a supplemental cost.

A luxuriously proportioned master bedroom  with change-room and writing area leads onto a large en-suite bathroom with marble bath and two showers, one indoor and one outdoor. The bedrooms are air-conditioned, and all rooms have overhead fans. The fully retracting sliding doors allow for uninterrupted views onto the lawns and the turquoise seas in front of each villa. Each villa has satellite television, a DVD/CD system and Internet access. The kitchen leads off the lounge/dining area. A private plunge pool and sala are the finishing touches in this private sanctuary.  Each villa has been individually handcrafted by Seychellois and African craftsmen on the Island from wood, local stone and glass with thatched roofs. Each villa is completely self-contained, and is raised over a metre off the ground to catch the cooling island breezes.

Villas 1 to 10 are situated discreetly in the tree-line, facing onto the East Cove beach.Villa 11 (Villa North Island) isdesigned to accommodate the incline along the extreme northern side of the East Cove, and are secretly tucked away in the Takamaka forest. The beach views from these villas are  spectacular.


North Island Rates  2008
  • Villas 1 - 10    €1690 Per Person Per Night sharing
  •  Villa North Island  €2675 Per Person  Per Night Sharing

Transfers - Helicopter transfers  €716 + €25 per person ground handling each way.

  • per person age 13 to 19 years sharing second bedroom €760
  • Per child age 3 to 12 years sharing second bedroom in villas   €230
  • No additional charge for children under the age of 3 years
Tariff Inclusions
  • Local Government tax at 7%
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and all alcoholic and non
  • alcoholic drinks, except premier drinks
  • All Scuba Diving and snorkeling in and around the North Island & Silhouette dive sites
  • Sea kayaking around North Island
  • Use of Gymnasium
  • Fly Fishing on North Island; (Boat fishing trips are extra)
  • Hobie sailing around North Island;
  • The use of  one “North Island Buggy” per villa
  • The use of mountain bicycles.
Tariff Exclusions
  • All transfers to and from North Island
  • Massage and health therapy treatments
  • Yacht and deep sea charter and boat fishing trips
  • Compulsory trip insurance and evacuation cover 
  • Telephone calls and internet connection
  • Dive courses
  • Gratuities


North Island Spa and Gym - The SPA experience is provided in partnership with ESPA, which has designed and managed spas internationally including for the Mandarin hotel group and the Four Seasons hotel group.  The approach is holistic with a commitment to products and treatments that work effectively, organically and naturally. 

Over and above our standard North Island treatments, the Spa will design personalised treatments to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. On arrival at North Island, once you have settled into your villa, our spa therapists will be available for an individual consultation. We design treatments that relieve stress, that are suited to after-exercise, that detoxify, cleanse and purify, that refresh and rejuvenate and those that provide finishing touches before leaving North Island.

Standard body treatments are offered with or without hot stones. During hot stone treatment, volcanic stones are placed on vital energy points on the body and along the spine, body and hands. ESPA-blended aromatherapy oils are used to massage the body and the treatment balances your Chakras,  the seven subtle energy centres in the body through which one's life-force energy flows. Recognised in both Ayurvedic and Chinese philosophies, blocked and congested Chakras can affect the equilibrium of the body and mind both emotionally and physically. 

The following treatments are standard treatments available at the North Island Spa

  •  A full-body aromatherapy Massage with hot stones (2 hours)    including face and scalp, designed to help ease tension and restore balance and relaxation.
  • Holistic Back, Face & Scalp Treatment  (2 hours) An all-embracing treatment incorporating a full ESPA facial, with acupressure, face and scalp massage and a deep cleansing back exfoliation. This treatment also includes a relaxing back massage with or without hot stones.
  • Aromatherapy Massage with Sea Salt And Essential Oil Scrub  - blended sea salts and essential oils are applied to the skin to help remove dead skin cells and improve tonicity. Through exfoliation and absorption, the salt and oils gradually help restore lost vitality and protect against dryness. This full body scrub is followed by a complete massage with or without hot stones.
  • Marine or Herbal Mud Envelopment and Massage with hot stones
  • ESPA Hand and Nail Treatment and foot treatments.

Dining - The cuisine is inspired by Seychellois Creole, French and South-East Asia using natural ingredients with a an emphasis on locally available seafood. There are a variety of locations where you can choose to eat, from the privacy of your villa to the central piazza to a secluded beach.

An extensive wine cellar provides an outstanding selection of fine vintages.


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