Seychelles - Outer Island Resorts



Our Seychelles Outer Island Resorts are located on smaller islands at some remove from the larger more populated areas providing exclusive getaways.  Alphonse, Desroches and Denis Island Resorts are remote indeed.  Cerf Island offers exclusivity, but is a short jaunt to Mahe.

Google Earth location of Seychelles remote and outer island lodges.

See also  Inner  Island Resorts and Lodges.



North Island

North Island is THE top end destination in the Seychelles, combining exclusivity on its own private island, a wildlife sanctuary and an architecturally unique lodge designed by famed South African architects Silvio Rech and Leslie Carstens.  With a small number of guests and spacious individual villas there is nothing finer in the world.

North Island Lodge


Labriz - Silhoutte Island



Denis Island




Cousine Island

Desroches Island Lodge

A member of the luxurious and uniquely designed Oberoi Hotels this hotel is super




Alphonse Island Resort



Sainte Anne's Island



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