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Ruaha National Park is perhaps the wildest and least visited of the major parks in Africa.  Covering an area of 12,950 sq. kms, it is Tanzania's second largest National Park and lies in the Great Rift Valley.  The central spine  is the watershed between the Nzombe and Ruaha rivers, with its dramatic escarpment above which are large stretches of miombo woodland. Below this lie undulating plains with  vegetation ranging from dry bush country to treeless grasslands, swamps and evergreen forests intersected by the many sand rivers that are such a feature of this area. Ruaha represents a transition zone where eastern and southern species of flora and fauna overlap and in all some 1,650 plant species and over 450 bird species have been recorded within the park itself. 

Ruaha is known for its large elephant and buffalo herds and one of its principal attractions lies in being able to see greater and lesser kudu as well as the majestic sable and roan antelope within the same area, as  well as an abundance of lion, leopard and cheetah.  It is also home to the increasingly rare African Hunting Dog.   The Great Ruaha River, with its deep gorges, offers excellent fishing. 


Ruaha Map and Safari Camps

Ruaha River and the Rift Valley

SELOUS GAME RESERVE is a vast region of largely unexplored bush, teeming with wildlife, and with almost no roads into the hidden interior. Selous is one of the most remote and least visited parks in Africa and, at 55 000km², is the largest game reserve on the continent.


The defining feature of the Selous is the great Rufiji River, the longest in Tanzania, which naturally splits the ecosystem into two distinct parts. Stiegler’s Gorge, 100m deep and 100m wide, is a magnificent natural feature with a cable car that ferries safari vehicles across the river. While the bulk of the reserve is miombo woodland, there are sections of magnificent grass plains, wetlands and swamps and areas of dense canopy forest.


Selous is a bird-watchers paradise with over 350 species of bird, walking is permitted (with an armed ranger). More than 2,000 plant species make this a most diverse sanctuary to explore. With one of the biggest concentration of elephant on the continent, 150-200 black Rhino, and a large number of other game,  this is a game-viewers paradise. 


Perhaps the most sublime way of exploring the reserve is by boat, meandering through channels and swamps, and exploring hidden lagoons where elephant often come to bathe. Angling in the river for tiger fish and the giant catfish (vundu) which can reach up to 50kg, can be an exciting way to pass an evening, keeping a wary eye open for crocodiles, hippo and lion.


 Selous Map and Safari Camps

Elephant in the Rufiji River - Selous

Ruaha River

Selous Game Reserve near Selous Safari Camp

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Giraffe in Ruaha