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Coke's Hartebees in the Serengeti  © Charlotte Richardson
Coke's Hartebees in the Serengeti - ©2002 by Charlotte Richardson

 Dhow on Lake Tanganyika approaching Mahale Mountains National Park

Sanjay Falls in Udzungwa National Park

Cape to Cairo  has over twelve years of experience providing custom safari arrangements to every part of Tanzania.

The famed and accessible Northern Tanzania parks offer a range of options from affordable standard lodge safaris to luxury tented camps and lodges in private concessions inaccessible to daily park visitors.

Lesser known parks such as Arusha National Park, Mkomazi and Saadani offer a wonderful set of choices for variety.

Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia Island and the coast around Dar es Salaam offer relaxing Indian Ocean getaways and excellent diving venues.

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The Southern parks are large and remote. Selous is the largest of Africa's Game Reserves, with few visitors, and Ruaha, almost as large is even more remote.  Nonetheless, superb luxury camps provide comfort and exclusivity.

Udzungwa, newly gazetted, is the remnant of an extensive prehistoric rainforest.  Its geographic isolation creates a high degree of endemicism, with 25% of the plant species unique and 4 species of endemic primate.

The western parks of Tanzania are remote and wild.  Mahale and Gombe Streams are best known for their Chimpanzee populations,  but they are also beautiful relaxing venues in their own right.

Katavi National Park is very remote and little visited.

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