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Kibale Forest This tropical rainforest  contains the largest surviving herds of migrating forest elephants in Uganda. Kibale also has one of the highest densities of primates in the world with 12 species  including red-tailed monkey, diademed monkey, blue monkey, white cheeked mangabey, olive baboon, chimpanzee, black,  white and red colobus. During forest walks you may encounter one of the families of habituated chimpanzees or see a group of 20 - 30 red colobus monkeys swinging through the ancient forest trees. 

There are at least 325 species of birds and 144 species of butterflies.  Kibale's  ancient trees reach heights of  55 metres.   Take part in a guided forest walk - you may see a crowned crane nesting and feeding site, you may climb up a treehouse 

The park contains pristine lowland tropical rain forest, montane forest, and mixed tropical deciduous forest. In addition to forest, you will also notice areas of grassland and of swamp.

Ruwenzori National Park

The Ruwenzori Mountains lie along the western border of Uganda and rise to a height of 5100  meters.  These fabled, mist-covered "Mountains Of The Moon",  World Heritage Site 120 km in length and 48 km in width, were formed from a block which was thrust up during the creation of the western arm of the "Great East African Rift Valley". At the centre of the range, there   are six peaks carrying permanent snow, three with glaciers. The highest of these peaks, and the third highest peak in Africa, is Mt Margherita rising 5100 metres above sea level.  The park covers 996 sq km of rugged mountain terrain. Whether experienced climbers or casual day hikers, Ruwenzori Mountain National Park offers visitors a unique experience of a Montane rainforest. The main attraction is the luxuriant vegetation found above 3000m, which includes the giant forms  of Lobelia, Heather and Groundsel. It is also the home to hyrax, blue monkey, chimpanzee, giant forest hog and many unique  bird species such as the Ruwenzori Turaco, the Handsome Francolin and the Olive Pigeon. Forming the "Mountains of the Moon"   these mist enshrouded peaks reflect a haunting mystery that is a famed subect of photography.  This Park offers  fine hiking and challenging mountaineering. 

Here our clients will stay at the beautiful Ndali Lodge is situated on a high saddle between two crater lakes.  The breathtaking views and cooler climate at Ndali are just some of its best features.  1520 metres above sea level, on a narrow causeway between a serene crater lake (Nyinabuga) and glorious rolling hills, Ndali Lodge has magnificent 360-degree views. The lodge was built by the late Captain Mark Price, a British tea farmer, and is managed as a working farm by his family today.  The rooms are decorated in local crafts and materials, and feature high ceilings and four-poster beds with mosquito netting.  The en suite baths have hot and cold running water and flush toilets.  There is no electricity at this lodge, but ample candle and oil lamps are provided in the evening, creating a romantic feel of  "old Africa".    The buildings that comprise the lodge, created out of local materials, not only make the most of the panorama but form an oasis of real comfort and kindly service, totally harmonious with its breathtaking setting.  From the passion fruit juice and wild honey served with a full English breakfast on the terrace, to the magnificent candle-lit dinners in the splendid hall, the vast majority of Ndaliís food is grown on the estate. All of the 8 cottages have delightful terraces, bathrooms and well created furniture. 

Queen Elizabeth National Park includes large  freshwater lakes,  inland salt lakes, crater lakes and a terrain that includes marshland, savannah, mountains and  wooded valleys. QENP is set in the west of the  Rift Valley  bordered by the mist-capped   'Mountains of the Moon,' 

Huge flocks of flamingos congrate in the lakes and . You will spot eagles soaring and vultures perching. You will view lions relaxing and elephants ambling and giant forest hog snuffling. And, in its lakes you'll see hippos swimming and kingfishers darting. Any visitor to this park cannot fail to be amazed by the enormous diversity in each
  kingdom of creation. It's simply a visual feast.Take a boat trip, a game drive, a woodland walk or simply enjoy any of the myriad stunning views. The Queen Elizabeth National Park provides an unforgettable and unique experience.

The Ishasha area in the Southern part of teh park is known for tree-climbing lions and the Maramagambo, one of the largest surviving forests in Uganda. A launch trip from Mweya along the Kazinga channel, which joins Lake Edward and Lake George, provides one of the most memorable experiences of the park.

Here our clients will stay at Mweya Lodge situated on a peninsula overlooking Lake Edward and Kasinga Channel, offering beautiful views of the park with the Ruwenzori Mountains in the background. Mweya Lodge has recently been completely renovated to a high standard, excellent rooms, all en suite, restaurant, bar area, pool and outside dining. Excellent service and a wide variety of food are served in the dining area whilst one enjoys the stunning views and wildlife not far way. 
Close to the Kazinga Channel in a stunning position with almost 360 degree panoramic views. 

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Bwindi is a  true African jungle.made impenetrable by a dense undergrowth of vines and other vegetation.  Huge trees are covered with creepers,  mistletoe and orchids. Giant thickets of bamboo thrive in the humid atmosphere and, where sunlight breaks though, the colorful heliconia blossoms. The dense vegetation is home to colobus monkey  and familes of 20 to 30 chimpanzees.This is the richest forest in Uganda in terms of the number of plant species.    While Gorilla tracking is the main attraction other guided forest walks are available: one popular trail leads to a pretty waterfall, others focus on birding and monkey-viewing.

Bwindi is a a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a sanctuary for almost half the world's population of 620 mountain gorillas. Established as a safe habitat for several families of mountain gorillas it is now the location of an important scientific conservation programme. Gorilla trekking is limited to small groups. 

GORILLA FOREST CAMP- A new camp opened December 01, 2001 within the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Gorilla Forest Camp consists of 8 custom designed twin rooms, with specious queen size  beds and each with its own en suite bathroom facilities, featuring hot and cold running water throughout. Each room has its own private verandah offering secluded privacy to guests in search of solitude, plus a communal bar and lounge area overlooking the rain forest for dining and social interests. A unique feature for the camp is that each room has its own private forest bath and shower, where clients can luxuriate in the unique forest surroundings.

The camp has one of the most well equipped kitchens of any tented accommodation in Uganda.  The standard of accommodation is 4 star throughout, equivalent with services and food of a standard unprecedented in Uganda. This truly is a luxury camp to match any in the whole of East Africa at a 4 star level.  Electricity is provided for lighting and recharging of video camera batteries and similar appliances. This small oasis of luxury provides complete comfort - duvets and hot
water bottles at night, flush toilets, hot showers and a bath in each room (open to the forest) and a private verandah. Superior dining experiences, evenings at the bar warmed by charcoal braziers and shared with other quests (maximum 16 clients).

Mount Mgahinga National Park

The Mgahinga Gorilla National Park was established on the slopes of the Virunga Mountains as a sanctuary for mountain gorillas.  The Park, covers an area of 33.7km2 in the southwest corner of Uganda on the boarder with Rwanda and the Congo. It includes parts of Muhavura, Mgahinga and Sabino Volcanic Mountains. The summit of Muhavura has a small crater lake and forms the highest point (4127m) in the Park.  Although a popular location for viewing there is some risk involved in planning a trip to this park as the gorilla families will often move acorss the boarder becomming inaccessible to vistiors on the Uganda side.


Lake Mburo National Park is situated in rolling hills and open grassy valleys containing  Lake Mburo and four smaller lakes. The park's lakes support crocodiles and hippos. The surrounding papyrus swamps provide a habitat for the  sitatunga antelope whose narrow, elongated hooves  allow them to move freely through the reed beds.

Exotic sights you may enjoy are male impala characteristically looking over their territory from the top of a large anthill, an exquisite panoramic view of the lakeland expanse from a hilltop vantage point, or the sight of locally ranched long-horned ankole cattle grazing with wild impala and zebra. The acacia-dotted savannah is home to huge herds of impala, as well as  topi, eland, klipspringer and other antelope. Zebra and buffalo also graze these acres. The park's diverse habitat supports over 350 species of birds.


At the top of Murchison Falls, the entire volume of the Victoria Nile is forced through a 6 -metre rock cleft and then plunges 130 feet. Before the Murchison Falls themselves, in the eastern sector of the Park,are the Karuma Falls where the Nile cascades over 23 kilometres of rapids. This is some of the most exciting white water in Africa.  A launch trip up stream to the Falls is one of the great experiences in Africa.  Elephant, hartebeest, giraffe, buffalo, crocodiles and countless antelope and birds (including the rare Shoebill stork) can be admired at the water's edge as the launch glides along.

Vegitation in the park ranges from riparian forest and swamp land to broad Savannah, providing a habitat for  many of the animals found  in Uganda. The Rabongo Forest in teh Southern part of the park is home to several families of chimpanzees and other primates.  The  Nile divides the park into the north and south sectors.

Here we will recommend that our clients stay at Nile Safari Camp  is located on the banks of the Victoria Nile with each room overlooking the river. Each room has en suite shower and toilet at the rear, in front a deck to relax. The bar and restaurant also overlook the river with beautiful views of the sun setting over the Blue Mountains in Congo. A pool is also available. This has to be one of the best and romantic locations in Uganda. There is an al fresco restaurant and small gift shop, a small swimming pool, and an observation platform where you may enjoy a drink whilst watching the Nile wildlife. Sitting by the campfire, looking at the sun set over the Nile from the friendly bar is an unforgettable experience. Totally in keeping with its surroundings, the Nile Safari Camp offers a quality of service, attention and friendliness that will make your stay on the Nile a really memorable experience.


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