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"The Pearl of Africa"

- Winston Churchill
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Uganda has become a preferred destination for those seeking an exclusive safari experience combining pristine beauty, diverse habitat and wildlife.  30% of the area enclosed by Uganda's boarders is covered by water.  Equatorial rainforest, montane forests, snowcapped peaks and savanah make Uganda one of the most geographically and biologically diverse regions in the world.   Although Uganda is best known for its gorilla, visitors often leave with the sense that the sighting of these awe inspiring animals is second place to the overwhelming beauty of the country.

For Gorilla trekking permits are very limited.  In order to avoid disappointment it is absolutely essential to use reliable operators who will secure permits well in advance.  There is no guarantee of seeing gorillas during a one-day trek, and if you wish to increase the chances you should request two days of trekking.

Our recommendation for Uganda is:

Classic Africa Safaris - Luxury  Uganda
Top end Uganda Safaris
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Experienced Uganda Operators
4 - 8 day fly-in and overland luxury safaris
Bwindi Gorilla Trekking / Queen Elizabeth National Park / Chimpanzees
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View of gorilla while on a trek
Gorilla Trekking
Sipi Falls Rest Camp
Murchison Valls

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